Price Beat Policy

Data Core Pty Ltd is dedicated to always offering the best value to the customers. Come to us last with your quote!


Data Core Pty Ltd makes every effort to offer the best products available in stock at the best prices. We offer a price match feature on our website to easily submit a competitor you would like us to review for price matching. It is at Data Core Pty Ltd sole discretion on whether to price match another company. 


Data Core Pty Ltd makes no guarantees of price match, and reviews many factors on what is being provided by a competitor to our company along with our cost on the item  in question. Although we cannot match every price we will do our best. If we cannot beat it, then you already have the best price and it is a good buy. 


The item will be "like" for "like" , and we are not able to quote on products we do not supply. 


Our company will never compromise on quality, and we do not provide quotes on products we know are sub-standard, are an inferior product or are grey imports.